In several previous years we have sung Choral Evensong in St Albans Cathedral on the Saturday after Christmas. In 2019 we shall do so again on Saturday 28th December.

While this is a great opportunity to celebrate in the wonderful space of St Albans, it is also, of course, a very important high-profile occasion for EHCCA. Therefore we ask all those intending to sing to give the highest priority possible to the preparatory rehearsal on Saturday 16th November (9.30-11.30) at St Paul’s, Hoddesdon. If you feel that you have sung the music before and know it well, your support at the November rehearsal is hugely helpful.

The music for the service (which is still to be confirmed with the cathedral): (No introit) / Responses: Anthony Wilson / Psalm(s) / Canticles: Stanford in B flat / Anthem: Rutter – Candlelight Carol

Derek Harrison will direct both the preparatory rehearsal (Nov 16) and the service (Dec 28). Organist: Mitchell Farquharson